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Phani Ponnapalli - Co-Founder

Phani Ponnapalli

Role :

Head Of All Calculators

Expertise :

Python, Technology, Network Engineering, Django

Education :

B.Sc From Acharya Nagarjuna University



Phani Ponnapalli is a Bachelor Of Science, Mathematics graduate who achieved a lot of experience in several area's. He specializes in Python, SEO, Network Engineering, and Django. His career journey began in 2006 when he started working as an Project - Bharti Airtel at IBM. His flexible work schedule allowed him to grow a lot. With several promotions, he currently the Co-Founder of A Plus Topper Pvt Ltd.



As a Co-Founder of A Plus Topper, Phani Ponnapalli has successfully managed a team of several individuals for the past several years from when the company started. He possesses skills such as team management, leadership, and punctuality, among others. In addition, he has expertise in programming with Python, particularly with its framework Django, as well as Network Engineering, SEO and more.