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GCF of two Numbers Calculator

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Last Updated at : Mar 29,2023

Facing difficulty in, learning concepts and finding out the GCF of two numbers? Worry no more with this handy tool GCF of Two Numbers Calculator available for you now do your calculations faster with no doubts about the concept. Input your numerals and click the “calculate” button to proceed with the task. 

Ex: GCF of 44 and 60 (or) GCF of 45 and 30 (or) GCF of 32 and 48

GCF of:

Here are some samples of GCF of two numbers calculations.


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GCF of two Numbers Calculator: Looking for something that can help you with finding the GCF of two numbers at a faster pace while clearing all your doubts and helping you to under all the concepts? Then you are at the right place because this GCF of Two Numbers Calculator provide all those exact things to you online with the procedure alongside for your concepts learning despite their difficulty level.

What is the Greatest Common Divisor?

The Greatest Common Divisor of a given set of integers is the highest number which is used to divide all the given integers with zero remainders. Here, note that the integers are non-zero numbers.

 How to Take the GCF of Two Numbers?

 Here are the steps to calculate the GCF of 2 numbers using the division method:

  1. Take th2 numbers whose GCF we have to calculate.
  1. Write the numbers horizontally & divide them with the smallest prime number.
  1. Here, both numbers should be divisible by the prime number.
  1. Repeat the above steps until there are common prime numbers left to divide.
  1. Take all the divisors and multiply them.
  1. Result of the multiplication is the GCF of the given 2 numbers.

Solved Example for GCD of Two numbers with Steps


Find the GCD of 27 & 45.


 Here, we have to find the GCD of 27 & 45 by using the division method.

Divisors of prime numbers

Numbers whose GCD we have to find


27, 45


9, 15


3, 5

Here, the last 2 remaining factors are 3 & 5. As these are divisible by common factors, we have to stop the division. & consider the divisors to calculate the GCD

Here, the divisors are 3 & 3.

So, the GCD (27, 45) = 3 x 3 = 9

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FAQs on Calculating GCD of Two Numbers with Steps

  • How to find the HCF of two numbers easily?

To easily find out the HCF of two numbers proceed by dividing the large number by the smaller number and then find out whether the remainder is the factor of the first number or not, if not then divide again the first number with the remainder, if yes then the remainder is the HCF of the two numbers.

  • How to find the HCF of multiple numbers?

The HCF of multiple numbers can be determined by the multiplication of all the factors that appear in the list of factors for the multiple numbers.

  • How to find the HCF of more than two numbers?

It can be determined by the method of listing factors and then finding the greatest common factor that exactly divides all the numbers in the set of numbers considered.

  • What did you do to find the GCF given the remaining factors?

Simply identify a common factor that is greatest among the list of factors and it must be shared by all the numbers.