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LCM of 3 Numbers Calculator

Created By : Jatin Gogia
Reviewed By : Phani Ponnapalli
Last Updated at : Mar 29,2023

Use this Free Online LCM of 3 Numbers Calculator tool to assess the Least Common Multiple of three numbers quickly and briefly. To get the output immediately just enter the inputs in the provided input field and hit the calculate button to get the LCM for the selected 3 numbers displayed within seconds.

Ex: LCM 12, 48, 64 (or) LCM 16, 56, 22 (or) LCM 8, 72, 48

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Here are some samples of LCM of 3 Numbers calculations.

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LCM of 3 Numbers Calculator:

Do you feel finding the Least Common Multiple challenging? Don't worry as you can use our at-hand tool LCM of 3 Numbers Calculator that quickly calculates the LCM of three numbers along with an explanation. Unlike other tools, this LCM of 3 Numbers Calculator delivers a detailed descriptive module and shows the entire procedure so that you can understand the concept easily. 

How do I Calculate LCM?

LCM stands for the least common Multiple. It is simply the lowest possible number which is divisible by a set of numbers for which you are calculating LCM, hence also known as the Least common divisor. There are several methods to calculate LCM and also it can be calculated for two or more sets of numbers. Provided here is the quickest way of all for finding the LCM for 3 numbers. LCM is most commonly required while performing the long and complicated calculations for addition and subtraction with the fractions to make the value of the denominator common for all fractions.

How to Find LCM of 3 Numbers? 

LCM of 3 numbers can be found using the prime factorization Method. To find LCM of 3 Numbers here is the steps using the prime factorization Method.

  1. Find out the Prime Factors for the set of numbers you wish to calculate LCM for.
  2. You can find the prime factor of a number by using the multiplying method 
  3. Now, write the Number in exponent form. 
  4. Find the product of prime numbers that has the highest power of each Number.
  5. Finally, the result will be the LCM of a chosen set of numbers.

Solved Example: LCM of Three Numbers by Prime Factorization


Find the LCM of 24, 16 and 32 by the prime factorization method.


First, let's find out the Prime factorization of 24, 16 and 32: 

24= 3×2×2×2, 

16= 2×2×2×2 and 32= 2×2×2×2×2.

Prime factors in their exponent form of 24 = 2(3) × 3(1), 

16 = 2(4) and 32 = 2(5).

The product of those factors of the highest powers is 2(5) × 3(1) = 2×2×2×2×2×3=96.

Hence, LCM of 24,16 and 32 = 96.

If you are looking for help in finding the LCM concepts you can always visit the portal to clear all your queries.

FAQs on Find LCM of 3 Numbers Calculator

1. What is the LCM of 28 44 and 132?

924 is the LCM of 28 44 and 132.

2. Why the LCM of 3 consecutive numbers is a multiple of 3?

The prime factor decomposition method for computation of the least common multiple says that for the 3 consecutive numbers LCM comes out to be the multiple of 3.

3. What are the rules for LCM?

The least common multiple calculated for a set of numbers always turns out to be the smallest number being divisible by all the numbers included in the set.

4. What is the purpose of the least common multiple?

LCm is very useful while we tend to optimize the quantities of a particular set of objects and there is a major role of LCM in computer science, it is used in encoding messages through cryptography.