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Least Common Denominator

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Facing difficulty with the Least Common Denominator of numbers, it's taking too much of your time and is getting boring, then try our Least Common Denominator Calculator to find all the least common denominators of your questions at a quicker pace and in a blink of an eye. Insert the digits in the designated place, click the “calculate” button and let the tool do its work.

Ex: LCD of 24, 48, 64 (or) LCD of 16, 56, 12 (or) LCD of 8, 72, 48

Least Common Denominator of

Least Common Denominator Calculator: Feeling too exhausted and bored doing so many calculations again and again to find the least common denominator, not anymore with our easy-to-access online tool of Least Common Denominator Calculator. It not only helps you with quick and easy access to the answers but also provides a side-to-side procedure for better understanding. The Least Common Denominator Calculator is the quickest and easiest way to calculate and learn the concept clearly.

Here are some samples of Least Common Denominator of Numbers calculations.

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Along with the Procedures to find LCD you can get different tools for LCD over here. Access them through the direct links available and find the Least Common Denominator or Least Common Multiple in no time. Attain faster and accurate results for problems ranging from basic to advanced level. The free online tools available for the LCD or LCM is as under

What is the Common Denominator?

If you consider a fraction, then the lower part of the fraction is called the denominator. If 2 or more fractions have the same denominator, then it is called the common denominator. There are different methods to calculate the denominator. As addition & subtraction of fractions is not possible without the common denominators of given fractions.

Greatest Common Divisor & Least Common Multiple Calculator

Greatest common divisor is the greatest number which can divide all the given numbers with no remainder and the Least common multiple is the smallest number which can be divisible by all the given numbers completely. There is a relation between GCD & LCM. The product of GCD & LCM is always equal to the product of a given set of numbers.

What is the Easiest Way to Find the Lowest Common Denominator? 

Here are the steps to calculate the lowest common denominator. Method of cross multiplication is used here for calculation which is one the easiest & basic methods for calculation:

  1. Consider the given set of fractions & simplify them if necessary.
  2. Multiply the numerator & denominator of a 1st fraction with the denominator of the 2nd fraction.
  3. Multiply the numerator & denominator of the 2nd fraction with the denominator of the 1st fraction
  4. Now, we will get the common denominator for both fractions.

Solved Example Finding the Least Common Denominator


 Find the Least Common Denominator of fractions 3/5 & 2/3.


Given fractions are 3/5 & 2/3.

Now, we will multiply the fractions with the denominators of another fraction.

So, 3/5 = (3 x 3) / (5 x 3) = 9 / 15

& 2/3 = (2 x 5) / (3 x 5) = 10 / 15

 So, the least common denominator for the fractions 3/5 & 2/3 is 15.

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FAQs on LCD Calculator with Steps 

  1. What is the easiest way to find LCD?

Determining LCD is easy by simply multiplying the two denominators together and then dividing the product by GCF. The resulting value will be LCD least common denominator.

  1. What is the LCM of 24 14 and 11?

1848 is the least common multiple for the numbers 24, 14 and 11.

  1. What is the LCD of 3 and 5?

To find a common denominator among 3 and 5, the least possible common denominator would be 15. 

  1. What is the example of LCD?

Suppose the two fractions are 1/3 and 1/6, thus the least common denominator for both 3 and 6 will be 6.