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Can I Round Up My GPA on Resume? - How to Round Up GPA? - GPA Rounding Rules

Can I Round Up My GPA?: GPA or grade point average is a number which is used to estimate your performance in a course. When you get your GPA in points, then you can round it and represent it in the nearest hundredths. A common question that raises while rounding GPA is round up or down. So, here we are giving the cases when you can round up GPA, how to round GPA on a resume and so on.

Can I Round Up My GPA? | Is It Acceptable to Round GPA?

Yes, you can round up GPA on your resume or any other documents. But there are specific rules to follow while rounding up your GPA score. Students mostly use GPA scores to apply for scholarships or jobs or colleges for higher studies.

A higher GPA alone is not helpful to acquiring the job, but your performance in the written test and interview are also considered. If you want to get a job by just rounding up your GPA score on your resume, then you have to be careful.

GPA Rounding Rules

The below list says when to choose to round up or round down the GPA. To round up GPA to the nearest tenths, you have to focus on the digit available at the hundredth place.

  • If the digit at the hundredth place is lesser than 5, then you have to round down the GPA score.
  • If the digit at the hundredth position is equal to 5 or more than 5, then you can round up your GPA score.

How to Round UP GPA Score?

Go through the guidelines listed here to round up the GPA score on your resume. You have to round up the score only when it meets the requirements of the rounding rule. Rounding only one decimal place is recommended when you want to round up your grade point average score. That can be rounding GPA to the nearest hundredth, or tenth.

If the digital t the hundredth position on your GPA score is greater than 5, then add 1 to the digit that is at the tenth place and eliminate the remaining digits that are located on the left side.


If my GPA score is 3.761, can I round up my GPA and what is the rounded value?


Given GPA score is 3.761

Yes, you can round up your GPA score as the digit at the hundredth place is 6 which is more than 5.

Add 1 to the digit at the tenth place i.e 7 + 1 = 8 and eliminate further digits on the left side.

Therefore rounded GPA is 3.8.

FAQs on Can I Round Up My GPA

1. Can a 2.95 GPA round up?

Yes, 2.95 GPA is rounded up as the digit at the hundredth place is equal to 5. 2.95 can be rounded ad 3.0.

2. Should GPA round up or down?

Rounding up GPA to the nearest tenth is acceptable if it satisfies the rounding rules. Otherwise, you can round down your GPA score and mention it on your resume.

3. Does a 3.54 GPA round up?

No, a 3.54 GPA should round down. Because the digit at the hundredth place is 4 which is lesser than 5.

Final Words

I hope you have found the answer to the question can I round up my GPA score? If you have any doubts about your GPA, you can tell us via the comment section. Stay tuned to our site to get the latest updates.