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Factor Tree of 62

Created By : Bhagya
Reviewed By : Rajashekhar Valipishetty
Last Updated at : Mar 29,2023

Factor Tree of:

How to find the Factor Tree of 62

Given number is 62
The factor tree of 62 is as follows:

Factors of 62

62 = 2 x 31

Factor Tree Calculations

Ways to Find Factors of 62

Here we are providing different methods to find the factors of the number 62. They are splitting numbers and prime factors.

Splitting Numbers

We can divide the number into either of its two factors. In other words, we are looking for the numbers that when multiplied together eqaul 62. Let’s start with 2 x 31 as it results in 62 on multiplying. We will now find the factors or ancestors of split factors, just like in any family tree.

Prime Factors

Let’s take a look at 62 now and we can write as 2 x 31 and place those factors on the tree. similarly to prime numbers obtained in the first step 2, 31 obtained here are also prime numbers and we will end up these branches.

FAQ on 62 Factor Tree

1. What is factor tree for 62 ?

Answer: Prime Factors of 62 are 2 x 31.

2. What are the Prime Factors of 62 ?

Answer: Prime Factors of 62 are 2 x 31.