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Final Grade Calculator

Make sure to take help from this free online Final Grade Calculator and easily know the grade that you need to reach the desired grades in the class. Just by entering the three inputs called required grades, target grades, and final exam weight in the calculator fields, you can find the final grade within seconds after tapping the calculate button

Your current class grade
Your desired class grade
Your final exam weight

Final Exam Grade Calculator: Wondering how to calculate the final grade and read the target grades in the final class exams? Here is a simple yet useful tool ie., the final grade calculator which helps to calculate the final exam grades quickly and makes you learn the process using the formula in no time. Let’s dive into this page and find the definition, formula, and simple steps in finding a final grade with a solved example.

What is a Final Grade & its Formula? 

The final grade is the end grade or rank or marks that you attain in your final examinations. Calculating the final grade for exams from the given inputs like current grade, target grade, and final exam weight can be expressed in the following equation ie., 

Final grade = ( required grade - (100% - w)×current grade ) / w


F = Final exam grade

G = Desired grades need for the class

w = Weight of the final exam, divided by 100 (put weight in decimal form vs. percentage form)

C = Your current grade

Different Methods on How to Calculate Your Final Grade?

There are various methods to calculate your final grades and they are as such: 

  • Calculating your weighted final grade manually
  • Solving your non-weighted final grade manually
  • Calculating your non-weighted final grade using a spreadsheet.
  • With Spreadsheet, calculate your weighted final grade
  • Calculating the final grade in a points-based system

Simple Steps for Final Grade Calculation with Weight

Determining the final grade for exams will become quite easy if you follow these steps while calculating the final grade:

  • Firstly, identify the given inputs like current grade, target class grade, and final exam weight from the problem. 
  • Now, use the final exam grade formula ie., FG = (100 * r - (100 - w) * c) / w. 
  • Put the values in the above formula and simplify the expression. 
  • After simplifying the expression, you will finally get the final grade to reach the desired grades. 

Solved Example on Calculating Final Grade with Weight

Example 1: 

My grade in Maths class is 90%. I want to get at least an A- or 95% in the class for the term. What score do I need on the final exam if it is worth 50% of my grade?


Given inputs are 

Current Grade = 90.00 %

Desired Grade = 95.00 %

Final exam weight = 50.00 %

By using the final exam grade formula ie., 

F = G−((1−w)×C)/w

F = 95 - ((1-0.5) x 90) / 0.5

F = 95 - (0.5 x 90)/0.5

F = 95 - 45/0.5

F = 50/0.5

F = 100%

Hence, if i have an 90 in the class, i want a 95, and the final exam weight is 50%, i want a 100 to get a 95 in the class. 

FAQs on Final Grade Calculator with Exam

1. How to calculate the final grade with weight? 

You can easily calculate the final grade with weight by using the formula provided by the final grade calculator. 

2. Where can I find the final grade calculator online? 

Finding the calculator online is so easy just visit the and search for the final grade calculator. Finally, you are ready to work with it. 

3. How do you calculate final exam weight? 

The final text weight is calculated by subtracting the combined weight of all grades to date from 100%. Hence, you will get the end result.