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Cumulative GPA Calculator

Created By : Veerendra
Reviewed By : Phani Ponnapalli
Last Updated at : Mar 29,2023

Cumulative GPA Calculator is a user-friendly tool that is helpful in determining the cumulative grade point average for college students. You just need to enter your current GPA, total credits, semester-wise grade, credit points, and course names. Press the calculate button to get the cumulative GPA and semester-wise GPA values as output.

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    Cumulative GPA Calculator: Finding a cumulative GPA is essential for college students. GPA comes with several advantages, so here we are giving the steps on how to calculate cumulative GPA. In addition, you can also know what cumulative grade point average is and others are on this page.


    What is Cumulative GPA?

    A cumulative GPA is nothing but the average grade points of all your semesters in school or college. In other words, it is the average of averages that combines these semester GPAs and represents a single GPA. It is helpful to get admission to college or for job application.

    How to Calculate Cumulative GPA?

    Both colleges and employers use cumulative GPA as the measure of success. The following are the guidelines to calculate the cumulative grade point average for all semesters in your college or high school.

    • Firstly, you have to get the semester GPAs and credit hours.
    • Calculate your total credit points by multiplying the semester's GPA by the number of credit hours.
    • Find the sum of the credit hours and total credit points to know the cumulative total point.
    • Divide the total points by total credit hours to obtain the cumulative GPA.

    Example of Cumulative Grade Point Average

    Calculate the GPA for 4 semesters.

    Semester Name


    Credit Hours

    Semester A



    Semester B



    Semester C



    Semester D




    Given that,

    • Semester A: 3.6 GPA for 12 credit hours
    • Semester B: 3.5 GPA for 13 credit hours
    • Semester C: 4.0 GPA for 12 credit hours
    • Semester D: 4.6 GPA for 11 credit hours

    Calculate the total points earned for every semester.

    • Semester A: 3.6 x 12 = 43.2 total points
    • Semester B: 3.5 x 13 = 45.5 total points
    • Semester C: 4.0 x 12 = 48 total points
    • Semester D: 4.6 x 11 = 50.6 total points

    Find the sum of credit hours

    12 + 13 + 12 + 11 = 48

    Also, get the sum of all total points

    43.2 + 45.5 + 48 + 50.6 = 141.8

    Divide cumulative points by total credit hours

    141.8/48 = 2.95

    So, the cumulative GPA is 2.95.

    Steps to Use Cumulative GPA Calculator

     You can calculate the cumulative GPA for weighted and non-weighted subjects in a single click.

    • Enter your current GPA (this is optional).
    • Provide course name, course grade, and course credits.
    • If your course subjects are weighted, then select one from regular/Honors/AP/IB/College.
    • You can add other courses by selecting add course.
    • In the same way, add other semesters by adding semesters.
    • Finally, click the calculate button to get the cumulative GPA range.

    The letter grade and numerical equivalents used in this calculator are mentioned here:

    1. A+ = 4.3 grade points
    2. A = 4 grade points
    3. A- = 3.7 grade points
    4. B+ = 3.3 grade points
    5. B = 3 grade points
    6. B- = 2.7 grade points
    7. C+ = 2.3 grade points
    8. C = 2 grade points
    9. C- = 1.7 grade points
    10. D+ = 1.3 grade points
    11. D = 1 grade point
    12. D- = 0.7 grade points
    13. F = 0 grade points
    14. P (pass), NP (not pass), I (incomplete), and W (withdrawal) will be ignored.

    FAQs on Cumulative GPA Calculator

    1. What is a current cumulative GPA?

    Cumulative GPA is the overall GPA or grade point average of all cumulative GPAs you have in all semesters and courses in an academic term. The current cumulative GPA is the average GPA earned till now in the academic semesters.

    2. Is a 4.21 GPA good?

    A 4.2 indicates you earn B and B+ in high-level classes or A and A+ in mid-level classes.

    3. How do I calculate my cumulative GPA?

    To calculate the cumulative GPA of all semesters follow these steps. Multiply the credits for each course with the numerical grade points. Add total grade points together, and a number of credits together. Divide total grade points by the total credits to get the result.

    4. What is the difference between cumulative GPA and GPA?

    GPA is a combined grade point average of all grades you have earned in a semester. Cumulative GPA is the overall GPA of all cumulative GPAs you earned in all semesters in an academic term.

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