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GCF of 34, 51, 85

Created By : Veerendra
Reviewed By : Phani Ponnapalli
Last Updated at : Mar 29,2023

Are you looking for a way to calculate the greatest common factor of 34, 51, 85 ? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will be showing you how to use two different methods to find the GCF of 34, 51, 85. We also provide a free GCF of Two or More Numbers Calculator to obtain instant results.


GCF of:

Detailed Solution to Find GCF of 34, 51, 85

Given numbers are 34, 51, 85
The greatest common factor of 34, 51, 85 can be found by using the following 2 different methods.
The GCF of 34, 51, 85 is 17.

GCF of 34,51,85 Using Prime Factorization Method

Prime factorization is basically division by prime numbers only. Keep dividing all numbers by the same prime number, until the numbers can no longer be divided by a single prime number. Then, multiply all the prime numbers that are on the left side.

17 34, 51, 85
2, 3, 5

∴ Thus, the GCF of given numbers is 17 = 17

How to Find the Greatest Common Factor of 34,51,85 using the Common Factor Method?

The common factor method requires listing down all the factors of 34,51,85 that divide each of these numbers without leaving a remainder. To begin, let us list down the factors

list down the factors of 34


list down the factors of 51


list down the factors of 85


Greatest Common Factor

Once you have listed down the factors, all you have to do is look for the highest factor that appears in all the three aforementioned lists. The greatest number that we can see in all lists is 17 . Therefore, the GCF of 34,51,85 is 17

Frequently Asked Questions on GCF of 34, 51, 85

1. What is the GCF of 34, 51, 85 ?

Answer: GCF of 34, 51, 85 is 17.

2. How to calculate the GCF of 34, 51, 85 ?

Answer: You can use two different methods: listing down the factors, and prime factorization. If you want to use the listing method, then simply write down all the factors of 34, 51, 85. Then, select the greatest number that appears in lists. From this, you will see that the GCF is 17. Next, you can also use the prime factorization method to divide the numbers by prime numbers. Then, multiply the prime numbers on the side to get your answer, which is 17.