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GCF of Fractions Calculator

GCF of Fractions Calculator: Get acquainted with the formula to find the Greatest Common Factor of Fractions from here. In this article of ours you will find every simple step detailing on how to find the GCF of Fractions. By referring to the further modules you will learn about the Greatest Common Factor that is exactly divisible by each of the numbers.

GCF of two or more Fractions Calculator

How to find GCF of Fractions?

Formula to find GCF of Fractions is

GCF = GCF of Numerators/LCM of Denominators

Step 1: Let suppose both the fractions are a/b and c/d

Step 2: GCF of two numbers is the lowest/smallest number that is a multiple of both

The HCF of two numbers is the largest number that is a fraction of both.

Example: Find the GCF of Fractions for 2/9, 8/21?


Given numbers are 2/9, 8/21

As per the formula GCF of Fractions let’s split into two parts and find the GCF of Numerators and LCM of Denominators

In the given fractions GCF of Numerators means GCF of 2, 8

Greatest Common Factor of Numerators i.e. GCF of 2, 8 is 2.

LCM of Denominators means LCM of 9, 21 as per the given fractions.

LCM of 9, 21 is 63 as it is the smallest common factor for both these numbers.

Thus GCF of Fractions = GCF of Numerators/LCM of Denominators = 2/63

Therefore, the GCF of Fractions 2/9 and 8/ 21 is 8/3

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GCF of Fractions Calcualtor Examples

FAQs on GCF of Fractions

1. How to find GCF in Fractions?

GCF of fractions can be found using the simple formula GCF of Fractions = GCF of Numerators/LCM of Denominators.

2. What is the GCF of Fractions for 1/3 and 2/5?

GCF of Numerators as per given numbers 1/ 3 and 2/ 5 is

GCF of Numerators i.e. for 1, 2 is 1

LCM of Denominators as per the given numbers

LCM of denominators i.e. for 3, 5 is 15

Thus, GCF of Fractions is 1/15.

Finally, GCF of Fractions for 1/ 3 and 2/ 5 is 1/15.

3. Where can I find GCF of Fractions of Solved Examples?

You can find GCF of Fractions for various Solved Examples on our page. Use them and get to know the concepts easily.

We believe the data shed above regarding the GCF of fractions has been useful in finding the Greatest Common Factor of Fractions. If you want any assistance on further examples leave us your comment so that we can get back to you with possible guidance.

GCF of Fractions Calculator