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GPA And First Jobs - How Important GPA Grades in Getting the First Job?

Created By : Jatin Gogia
Reviewed By : Phani Ponnapalli
Last Updated at : Mar 29,2023

GPA And First Jobs: GPA is nothing but the grade point average number that indicates how well you scored in a course. GPA score plays an important role while applying for jobs. Most recruiters check for the highest GPA candidates with other requirements for their companies. So, it is recommended to add a GPA score to your resume and make sure it is visible quickly. Here we are giving the details about the importance of GPA in getting the first job.

Does my college GPA matter?

Yes, your college GPA matters in recruitment. Some of the recruiters check the student's GPA score on the resume and ask questions during the job interview. And few companies call only the highest GPA-scored students for the interview. Thus, college grade point average plays a vital role in getting the first job. Most companies ask candidates to have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA score for the entry level because it shows a real commitment to academic success.

Recruiters see strong work ethic, self-motivation, dependability and responsibility qualities in the candidates. GPA score is the first step companies use to filter the candidates. Research shows that managers spend only 7 seconds reviewing a resume. A candidate's GPA score is one of the primary factors they look for before selecting for the next round.

This is true in almost all streams like engineering, tech, finance, accounting, and engineering. Having a 3.5 GPA or higher is always best to stay in this heavy competition.

Should I add my GPA on my resume?

Yes, you need to include your GPA on your resume if you have just completed college and looking for your first job. Otherwise, adding a grade point average score to a resume is optional. For entry-level job applicants, a GPA score is helpful to clear the first round of the recruitment process. So, make sure that your GPA score is easily visible on the resume.

For experienced professionals, it is optional to add their college grade point average score on their resume. Because they already have several achievements and work experience to highlight in their resume. If you are a fresher, then you must add a GPA score to the resume, but having a high GPA score is not enough to get the job.

Along with the GPA score, you must also include these things in the resume for making a better impression. They are professional sounding email id, volunteer experience, a strong professional summary, and relevant skills and activities.

What If My College GPA is Low?

If your college GPA score is lower, then avoid listing it after your graduation resume. The lower GPA will draw the recruiter's attention and they might think that candidate was not dedicated to a college career. Actually, major reputed companies look for the highest GPA graduates to offer a job. But for lower GPA graduates i.e less than 3 also get their first jobs if they are concentrated and intelligent. The following steps are useful tips for low GPA holders in their job search.

  • Add the GPA of classes related to your major subjects instead of the overall GPA in your resume.
  • Eliminate the GPA part in the resume/application unless they are asked.
  • Prepare a strong and convincing explanation to use during interviews when asked about the lesser GPA.

The last suggestion is to prepare well for the interview so that they will just remember your answer instead of your GPA score.

FAQs on GPA Importance in Job Application

1. What is GPA in a job application?

GPA is a score number that your professors and instructions give you to evaluate your progress in the course. This number indicates your college academic performance. So, it tells about your academic success for the recruits in the job application.

2. Can I get a job with a 3.0 GPA?

Yes, you can get a job with a 3.0 GPA score. But there are fewer chances of getting selected for a job with a lesser grade point average score.

3. What are the jobs that require a high GPA?

The list of jobs that require high GPA scores is investment banking, aerospace engineering, management consultant, physician assistant position, and many more.

4. Does GPA correlate with job performance?

A job applicant's GPA seems a reasonable predictor of effective job performance. A high GPA tells that the individual is good at academic knowledge.

Final Words 

 We are hoping that we have provided useful information about GPA and First Job. So, freshers who are in the job search can follow these guidelines to easily get their first job. Bookmark our site to get more information about grades and GPA scores.