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Grade Calculator

Created By : Bhagya
Reviewed By : Phani Ponnapalli
Last Updated at : Mar 29,2023

Online Grade Calculator gives the students study grades by taking the required input values. So, enter the assignment/ exam name, grade, and weight details and press the calculate button. On the result page, you will get the exact grade along with a detailed explanation.


Easy Grade Calculator: Obtain the current grades of your students quickly by using our exam grade calculator tool. This user-friendly calculator will do all the required math calculations and provides the grade values for the given inputs. It can also show what you have to score to get the desired course grade in the final exam. To help out the students we are giving the grade definition, how grades are calculated, how to improve grades and other useful information in the following sections.


What's in a Grade?

The grade is a parameter that shows your academic performance in terms of letters. Usually, we all keep told to improve our grades so that we can have a good GPA and a better college. So, one who is in a low grade should try to increase their grade. When you want to know how much you have to score in the final exam to improve your overall grade, use the final grade calculator.

How to Calculate my Grade?

Every teacher has their own way of calculating grades. Here we are giving the simplest one that includes fewer calculations to find your grade in the exam.

Firstly, make a note of the grade points, and weight of every assessment in your course.

  • Multiply every assessment grade point with their respective weight.
  • Add the weight of all assessments together.
  • Also, find the total assessment weights.
  • Divide the result from step 3 by the total weights assessments to get the grade value.


The following table represents the grade points and weight of the assessment of the Psychology subject. Find what is the student grade.


Grade Points



150 points



100 points


Unit Tests

90 points


Final Exam

95 points



Multiply the grade points with weight for each assessment.

Homework = (150 x 10)/100 = 15

Quizzes = (100 x 15)/100 = 15

Unit Tests = (90 x 25)/100 = 22.5

Final Exam = (95 x 50)/100 = 47.5

Add obtained values i.e total earned points

15 + 15 + 22.5 + 47.5 = 100

Total scored points = 100

Total grade points = 106

Divide total grade points by scored points to get the grade.

100/106 = 0.94

Therefore, the average grade is 94% 0r 0.94.

Steps to Use Grade Calculator

Get the detailed explanation to use the grade calculator listed here:

  • Give grade percentage, and weight values in the input boxes.
  • Hit the calculate button
  • It will give the grade points, percentages and letter grades as output.

FAQs on Grade Calculator

1. What are the types of grades?

Teachers and professors evaluate your performance in class. The grading system varies from school to school. Some of the types of grades are A, A+, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, E/F.

2. How to calculate an average grade?

Multiply every assessment grade point with the weight attached to it. Add all of the weighted grades. Divide the total by the number of assessment weights you added together to check the average grade.

3. What grade is a B+?

The B+ grade percentage ranges from 87 to 89 and 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.

3. How to improve grades?

The tips to improve your grades are earning the effort points, talking to the teacher, finding help understanding course material, creating better study habits, committing, planning, and making it happen.

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