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Weighted Grade Calculator

Created By : Jatin Gogia
Reviewed By : Phani Ponnapalli
Last Updated at : Mar 29,2023

Estimate your student's weighted grade with our Weighted Grade Calculator. This tool allows to input assessment name, assessment grade letter, percent, and weight details. Hit the calculate button to avail the weighted grade value as the answer.


Weighted Grade Calculator: Are you looking for a weighted grade calculation? If yes, then you are at the correct place. This free calculator gives the accurate weighted grade average value. We are also giving weighted grade definition, formulas, and simple guidelines to solve the questions. Also, get the example questions on weighted grades for a better understanding of the concept.


What are Weighted Grades?

Weighted grades are letter grades that are assigned a numerical advantage when calculating a grade point average or GPA. In schools and colleges, classes typically employ a weighted system where similar assignments are worth varying amounts of the overall grades.

Weighted Grade Formula

The weighted grade formula is mentioned here:

Weighted grade = (w₁ x g₁ + w₂ x g₂ + w₃ x g₃ + …) / (w₁ + w₂ + w₃ + …)


  • w is weight
  • g is grade

How To Calculate Weighted Grade Average?

 The detailed steps to calculate the weighted grade average are along the lines:

  • First, get the grade and weight values for every assessment in the course.
  • Multiply every grade with the respective assessment.
  • Add each product value together.
  • Add the weight of all assessments.
  • Divide the value from step 2 by the total weight of assessments to check the weighted grade average.


Let's say you received an 85% on your assignment and it was worth of 10% of the class grade. Then assume you took a test and received a 90% on it. The test was worth 20% of your grade, find the average weighted grade.


Multiply each grade with its weight

85 x 10 = 850

90 x 20 = 1800

850 + 1800 = 2650

Add the weight of all assignments

10 + 20 = 30

Divide 2650 by 30

2650/30 = 88.33

Therefore, the average weighted grade is 88.33%.

FAQs on Weighted Grade Calculator

1. How much is a weighted grade worth?

The weighted system calculates grade items as a percentage of the final grade worth 100%.

2. What is the weighted grade formula?

The weighted grade formula is weighted grade = (w₁ x g₁ + w₂ x g₂ + w₃ x g₃ + …) / (w₁ + w₂ + w₃ + …).

3. How do you calculate your weighted grade?

To find a weighted grade, you have to multiply grade points with weight for every assignment. Add all of them and also find a total of all assignment weights. Divide the assignment's products by the total weight to know the weighted grade.

4. Are weighted grades better?

Weighted grades appear to benefit students in most cases. Weighted grading systems foster equity and encourage students to take on more challenges.

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